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Virtual Assembly

Video by Jonny Fuller-Rowell

Virtual Assembly is an interactive virtual space and archive for Old Kent Road Mosque and MANUK (Muslim Association of Nigeria UK) due to the demolition and redevelopment of their mosque on Old Kent Road in Southwark. Built using 3D software and immersive technologies (VR/AR), the space combines spatial scanning technologies with drawings, audio, film, and speculative design.

The content is co-created by the Old Kent Road Mosque community through a series of workshops bringing together different narratives of identity to interact, communicate and learn from each other and carry the community (in its diversity) forward. The project also explores the potential of new technologies in the creation of virtual communal spaces/archives, providing a platform for wider engagement on a local and national scale.

Mosque's Exterior

We created an interactive experience using Unreal Engine. The audience is invited to take on a journey through the LiDAR 3D scan of the mosque, listening to specialised voice recordings of the community that regularly visited the mosque before it was demolished. 

Research project lead: Dr Julie Marsh

3D Scanning: Fabrication Laboratory Westminster

🔗 University of Westminster: Virtual Assembly

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