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Unknown Cloud

The Unknown Cloud is Forming is a new iteration of a piece we’re creating with artist duo Lundahl & Seitl and Rachel Alexander. It is planned to keep transforming and travelling around the globe until 2057.


Unknown Cloud Forming transforms the everyday technologies that mediate our digital existence in a radically different way and then repurposes them as tools to reach another level of collective experience. This nomadic artwork will evolve until 2057, constantly mutating alongside political, technological and environmental climates.

An event of the Cloud is preceded by an online rumour to be a channel between the life worlds of human, non-human, geological entities and life forms. Similar to a flashmob, the Unknown Cloud forms through the outdoor gathering of strangers. ‘Unknown Cloud’ relies on the perceived dualism of reality and artifice generated by the collaboration and imagination of a temporary community.

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You download an app which directs you to gather in a physical location, within a limited time window, at dusk. If enough people gather, they will form the Cloud in the location: a square, a park, a field or at a height over the city. As soon as you run the experience, your device ceases to be a smartphone and becomes a bi-directional sensory extension of your body.

By following the choreography of the artwork, participants are not only using technology as a bio-mimetic device to immerse themselves in the lifeworld of other creatures on earth but they are drawn into an interdependent collaboration with each other to form a superorganism, 'listening with their hands' they spread out beyond the borders of their own body gradually transitioning into the collective.

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