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Mysteriet i Parken

Something has happened in the park outside the museum. A large and unusual animal has been spotted - if you answer all the questions correctly, you will get to see it yourself!

Mysteriet i Parken (The Park Mystery) is a site-specific augmented reality adventure outside The Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. Let the fox bring you around to meet the animals living around the museum, answer their riddles and see the secret surprise at the end.


The park where the museum is located, Royal Djurgården, is the world's first National City Park, providing a habitat for plenty of wild animals in the centre of Stockholm. This level of biodiversity in an urban area is unique, and the museum is involved in several projects to strengthen this ecosystem.


The museum approached us to create an experience that taught the visitors about the wild animals in the park, and to be covid safe and fun outdoor activity. We created a quiz-walk about finding a secret animal hiding in the park. The fox is your guide and brings you to visit various wild animals, who present you with questions about their life before they give you a hint on where to go next.


All the animals speak Swedish (with English subtitles), and the Fox is voiced by famous Swedish comedian Kodjo Akolor.

🔗 The project on the website of The Swedish Museum of Natural History

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