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Fleeting Figures

Fleeting Figures was a public augmented reality exhibition we created for the BFI London Film Festival 2023. The exhibition transformed a section of the South Bank into a canvas for virtual art, exploring how immersive art paves the way for novel experiences and social interactions in public space.

The artworks ranged from Lundahl & Seitl’s intimate encounter with a virtual superorganism to Oscar Häggströms satire of contemporary fitness culture, where you go through an excruciating workout with a deeply unsettling personal trainer. Åsa Cederqvist’s Giga-annum was adapted to the Thames and explores our relationship to water as the tides come and go. SONG showed their fairytale about an alternative creation story, and Pastelae’s pink reindeer will roam the boardwalk outside the National Theatre.

The exhibition was an extension of LFF Expanded, the film festival’s immersive art and film exhibition.

Our spatial social network, Interspatial Echoes,  was shown near the Oxo Tower.

During the summer, this artwork connected 160 squares across Sweden into one virtual town square, allowing the audience to write, read, and reply to messages written by others. 

Fleeting Figures exhibited a selection of artworks premiered at Vävda rum, Sweden's first countrywide art exhibition in augmented reality, closing this weekend. Vävda rum was a collaboration between Sverige Konstföreningar and us and was made possible with funding from Postkodsstiftelsen.

To make Fleeting Figures possible, we worked with the BFI to create a site-specific immersive layer enabled by our new XR publishing and distribution platform, Meadow

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