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When exhibits come to life

Our augmented reality experiences create an interactive journey that adds a virtual layer that brings your existing exhibitions to life. The experience is tailored for your institution and is accessed by your visitors through an app on their own devices.

Our augmanted reality experience bridge generational gaps, and connects kids, teens, and adults in an experience that is fun and educational for everyone.

Video from Silurus, an augmented reality experience for nature reserver Vattenriket in Kristianstad, Sweden.

Who are we?

Untold Garden is a creative studio specialising in desinging and developing immersive experiences using augmented reality and adjacent technologies. With backgrounds in architecture, filmmaking, game design and storytelling, this unique composition of skills allows us to leverage the full experiential potential of the technologies we work with.

We work with augmented reality because it offers a unique combination of beautiful visuals, engaging interactivity, and the possibility to create an experience that is memorable to each visitor. By making the app accessible on the visitors own devices, we lower the threshold of participation, while at the same time making your work easier by removing the need for external technology, upkeep or guidance.

Our Augmented Reality experiences are available through bespoke apps that are publicly available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The apps are tailored to your institution, and designed to fit within your visual language.

What do we offer?

Bespoke augmented reality experiences, include but are not limited to:
• Engaging interactive narrative, developed in dialogue with you. We believe that you know your audience the best, and develop all narratives in close dialogue with you.
• Animated 3D content. For example, animals, dinosaurs, robots, or fictional characters that come to life in the users devices.
• Voiceover and audio effects. Audio is half of the experience. We work with an experienced game sound designer, voice actors and composers to create an audio scape that makes an experience out of the ordinary.
• 3D scanning. For example to scan existing animal taxidermies to bring them to life.
• Volumetric video scanning, “3D video”. To for example show a virtual representation of one of your guides walking around in your exhibition.
• Mixed reality. Designing and constructing a physical scenography specifically created to be integrated with a narrative in augmented reality.

What does this bring you?

  • By bringing the exhibitions to life, the visitors get more immersed.

  • Immersion leads to a deeper engagement with the subject of the exhibition.

  • Through the app, potential visitors get access to a promotional demo experience at home, which incentivises them to come to the museum. We are also able to create experiences that are meant to be experienced outside the museum, in parks, cities and at home.

  • A cross-generational experience that brings together kids, teens and adults.

  • Socially distanced activities where the visitors are guided through the app instead of a live museum guide.

Why us?

  • We have a background in architecture and exhibition design, and know how people use and engage with physical space.

  • Through our background in film and storytelling, we know how to leverage dramaturgy to engage the audience.

  • We work with experienced UX and game designers to make engaging and interactive experiences that make the visitor want to come back for more.

  • We have a wide professional network that allows us to find collaborators to fulfill any specific needs a project might require.

  • We are creatives and engineers ensuring excellent experience and robust software.

  • We can integrate the experience in your existing content management system, to allow you to update content yourself.

  • We love making interactive, engaging, and fun experiences.

Hi! I'm the otter.

Lets take a selfie!

Previous Projects

Nya Djur, swedish for New Animals, is an Augmented reality experience for The Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. The visitors interact with the taxidermy specimens in the showcases and see the taxidermy animals come to life. The animals show the visitors around in the exhibitions, and tell of their lives in nature.



Silurus is an augmented reality experience for the nature reserve Vattenriket in Kristianstad, Sweden. The narrative is driven by the individual characters of the animals, who brings you on a journey incorporating games, education about the nature reserve, and a lot of silliness.

Try Silurus yourself:

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mobile:  +44 7926 780385

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