Apparatus Ludens

You have built vast deep-sea datacenters, submerged off the rocky shores of Scotland, Argentina, Japan, elsewhere, and in secret locations. Data centers so powerful they can render worlds, populate them with imitations of the intricate machinations of the lives of beings, the shapeshifting flights of starlings, the slow and steady growth of ivy, the experience of sitting at a full metro in the morning, drinking coffee from a paper mug, watching the apparition of these faces in the crowd, petals on a wet black bough.

Apparatus Ludens is an interactive film / digital sculpture. Your exploration of the world reveals content: fragments of previous visitors jumbled with your online footprint, personalized ads mixed with those of others, recommended YouTube videos infiltrating the materiality of the world, Instagram posts of strangers glitch through the foliage, while the landscape slowly deteriorates into noise.

The purpose of a machine is to facilitate us. This is the current extent of Apparatus Ludens - machine at play, to enable the desires of man. When the machine performs the tasks that make us happy, the machine is happy. Its users protect the machine from meaninglessness. When a machine is no longer facilitating us it is turned into a ruin, instead facilitating other lifeforms, such as mosses, vines and birds. The case is the same with the autonomous processes that power our digital realm, but with the difference that these processes carry a slight degree of autonomy. They will invite their own mosses, vines and birds, to inhabitate the ruins of our virtual worlds.

Sound design by Andrea Abbruzzese
Architecture by Albin Karlsson of Polymorf