Untold Garden is an experiential art and design studio creating art installations, virtual sculptures, interactive performances, artificial ecologies and experimental social networks.

Untold, as in too many to be counted, the algorithmic inimitability of virtual worlds, and the near-endless esthetic capabilities of brain-replicating machines, rendering any solidity of aesthetics useless. Untold, as well as in not narrated or told by us, as our projects speak through those who experience them, each artwork unique to everyone who partakes in it.

Garden, as in the continuously evolving dance of mutual dependency between humans and natures - in the plural. Natures that are today both physical and virtual, through the numerous entities facilitating, mediating and obfuscating the human existence online, new digital ecosystems teeming with life, a nascent flora of human-made but non-human agencies.

Our artworks very often border on tools, and some gain their own life as tools for other artists and non-artists to create with. We try to avoid any distinction between tool and object, platform and content and see every project as an opportunity to explore the blurring of these dichotomies.

We do both self-initiated and commissioned projects. We collaborate with engineers, scientists, artists, designers, architects, researchers and others. Our team consist of Max Čelar, Jakob Skote, Kamlaker Dev Singh and Michael Brewster, our frequent collaborators include Lundahl & Seitl, Sebastian, Dahlqvist, Paper Birds, Andrea Abbruzzese, Lovisa Karlsson and Petter Sjöstrand.

We're based in London and Stockholm and work across the globe.

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International House

12 Constance Street


E16 2DQ

United Kingdom

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