Untold Garden is an experiential art and design studio directed by Max Čelar and Jakob Skote. We explore new tools for participatory design and art through immersive technologies.


Our work sits at the intersection of collaborative processes and design tools, virtual sculptures and interactive performances, artificial ecologies and organic social networks. Through experimental use of novel technologies our work weaves new forms of social interactions, enabling new relations between humans, as well as at some point non-humans. 


We avoid the distinction between tool and object, and see each project as a potential platform enabling new ideas. Technology is no more and no less than the human extension of nature. We believe that the technological tools we use in our daily life should reflect this.


We do both self-initiated and commissioned projects. We collaborate with engineers, scientists, artists, designers, architects, researchers and others. Our frequent collaborators include Lundahl & Seitl, Sebastian Dahlqvist, Paper Birds and Andrea Abbruzzese.

We're based in London and Stockholm and work across the globe.

Upcoming Exhibitions & Performances:
  • STRP - June 2021 (Unknown Cloud)
    STRP is an Eindhoven based organization that investigates the impact of technology on individuals and on society. With a critical and optimistic approach, we debate, think, talk, speculate, create and share together with artists, scientists, and visitors.

  • CPH:DOX - June 2021 (Unknown Cloud)
    Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, an international documentary film festival established in 2003 and held annually in Copenhagen, Denmark. CPH:DOX has since grown to become one of the largest documentary film festivals in Europe with 114,408 admissions in 2019.

Past Exhibitions & Performances:

  • Kiblix - December 2020 (Skiljelinjer)
    Skiljelinjer is currently part of the online exhibition Kiblix 2021 by ACE Kibla, an institution in the field of interdisciplinary, intermedia and multimedia art in Maribor, Slovenia. 

  • Stockholm Design Week - February 2021 (Skiljelinjer)
    Skiljelinjer will be shown as a part of Ung Svensk Form 2021, first exhibited at Kulturhuset and then in 10 locations throughout Sweden until 2022. The visitors will be invited to co-create a virtual work departing from a brief that changes with each location, the result of which will be presented on 3 screens in the exhibition space.




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